Frequently asked questions

We understand that no two fertility journeys are the same. The process can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging. Our patients tell us that the unknown and uncertainties of IVF treatment are often the hardest part.

We will always be kind and endeavour provide you with as much information at every point in your treatment with us.

If you are at the stage of gathering information to make an informed decision on who your treatment provider might be, or what route might be the best for you, we hope the below common questions and answers are useful.


Kind iVF packages are most suitable for those aged 37 or under with a good/normal ovarian reserve and have a BMI under 30. Kind iVF is designed to make fertility treatment more accessible for those who may not be eligible to have treatment with the NHS and cannot access the private IVF market due to increased prices.

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It's refreshing to converse with the team who have a human touch. The team at LWC Harley St are wonderful, friendly, sincere and above all…
Evelyn Thomas
7 months ago
The entire team is amazing and very professional. I always received a great support from everyone, regardless the countless questions and worries I had especially…
Stefania Paradiso
3 months ago
When I decided to begin my fertility journey, I was understandably really anxious about the whole thing having never done it before, but right from…
Christie Williamson
5 months ago