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Kindonor IVF

Kindonor IVF is the same treatment as standard Kind IVF, with the addition of a vial of donor sperm from our partners at London Sperm Bank, the largest sperm bank in the UK. LSB will assist you with all elements of using donor sperm, including donor matching and ensuring you select the right type of sample for your treatment. We also take care of the movement of your sperm from the bank to reaching the clinic, taking the stress and paperwork into our hands.


What’s included

One vial of donor sperm from London Sperm Bank

Two Counselling sessions

Nurse led clinical advice

Pre treatment blood tests

Monitoring scans and blood tests

Stimulation medication

HFEA Treatment fees

Egg collection and sedation

Timelapse imaging of developing embryos

Fresh embryo transfer and use of EmbryoGlue

BHCG pregnancy blood test

Pregnancy scan at 6-7 weeks gestation

Luteal support medication up to pregnancy test date


Key features


IVF cycle & 1 vial of sperm




Scans and tests

IVF with donor sperm

Our IVF with donor sperm package (Kindonor IVF), is perfect for lesbian couples, single women or heterosexual couples who require donor sperm to have a baby. Our all-inclusive package includes everything you will need during your treatment cycle. If you have any questions about IVF or using donor sperm do get in touch with our expert team.

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'Amazingly for us, the whole process was incredibly stress-free and easy. The staff we met and had contact with were all absolutely wonderful and couldn't have been more helpful'

Ellie & Josef

Who’s suitable for Kindonor IVF?

Our criteria is based in 3 simple key factors, age, BMI and ovarian reserve. Do you meet the criteria?


Aged 37 or under

Our treatment plans have been formulated to maximize success for women who fall into this range, as they respond best to our ‘Kind’ IVF approach - requiring less medication and scans. Women over 37, when natural fertility begins to decline, often need more personalised treatment.

Group 1805

BMI of 30 or less

BMI is a shorthand calculation based on height and bodyweight. To proceed to treatment, we require a BMI of 30 or less, as we find women in this grouping are less likely to encounter complex treatment difficulties.

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A good ovarian reserve

Ovarian reserve, measurable with a blood test, is often used as an indicator of fertility. Women with too low or too high of an ovarian reserve often respond poorly to treatment and may need specialised care – but we can evaluate this during your initial consultation and advise you accordingly.

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Keep up to date on all things Kind IVF, read some of our success stories and learn more about what we do and how we can help you.

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